Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trae-Life Goes On In Stores Today!

Trae the truth, one of the realest rappers still doin this shit new CD drops today. With Trae you got no choice but to fuck with it because theres very few who come close to fucking with him on some real shit. So support one of the few 100 niggas in the game and cop his new shit..Especially since it holds one of the best songs released this year period, Gittin High, an instant classic and right up there with Traes best work ever. Dont sleep....

-"O 100"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

KD™: Alabamas Next Great Thing?

Niggas who follow the underground sceme know Birmingham Alabama BEEN branging the heat. Dirty Boyz wit their Blackklown movement featuring one of the best, Burn One(formerly known as lil burn one),who we will be featuring here in tha trap ina few days once we get that material in, Deuce Komradz, Mr Blue, and of course The Last Mr Biggs...And now we got KD...KD first started makin noise when his song "Polos & Nikes" started appearing on mixtapes from assorted DJs down there.. Then he dropped his mixtape with DJ Burn One, Last Man Standing which in my opinion is one of the best mixtapes to drop in a LONG time. People sleep on these shits just because they've never heard of the artist if they dont follow the underground, but theres not too much material being made nowadays fucking with this shit. His style is more on the laidback steez, with the songs and melodys reminding me of earlier Ball & J work, who also appeared on the mixtape. The production is top knotch and niggas who love that playa shit they can cruise in they chevys and lacs to will LOVE his shit....So gone head and fuck wit KD on his Myspace page and tell em tha Trap sent'cha..And of course KD fucks wit us so we will be havin exclusives and much more from the boy when its made available..."O 100"

KD ft Eightball & MJG-What U Call That(Remix)

Like Devin? Fuck Wit Marcus

Marcus one of the first niggas to reach back when I holla'd at him on some Hunnit shit bout the site so my nigga gotta get his proper shine on this bitch. Anyways, if yall aint already hip, Marcus is signed to David Banners "B.I.G.F.A.C.E Entertainment NIGGA!" and is in my opinion, one of the best up & coming artists from down thurr. His style really reminds me of Devin the Dude, cause the nigga harmonizes his ass off and the songs are on some chill out, smoke if ya got it type shit. I highly advise boys not to sleep on this one. This nigga could really be something major if he gets the right push...And we fucks wit em in the trap...Nigga gone be blessin us wit some exclusives and what not whenever they become available so niggas gone be hearing alot mo' from the boy from East Memphis. Here is a link to his Myspace so you can hear the 4 GREAT songs currently up there as well as get information on more material and let em kno if you diggin his shit or not..Tell em tha TRAP sent'cha.."O 100"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

All-Star Cashville Prince -And I Love You..

Star is one of the rawest upcoming spitters in the game right now. The whole grind hard movement is one you shouldn't be out of the loop on. Fate Eastwood is a problem on them beats. This is a new flow Star did over Rich Boys song of the same title with Star addressing a situation he had with a former beau. Nigga got on some real intense shit, but you gotta keep it 100 and thats what he did. From the new Yo Gotti and All-Star mixtape, "Tenakeyan" thats due to drop soon. Starlito's Way 2: Rise To Power, the sequal to his jammin ass mixtape Starlitos Way 1 is due on December 15th. Birdman, please dont keep this nigga on the shelf for years. Hes legit.

All-Star Cashville Prince-And I Love You...What!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Project Pat Cd Drops Oct. 30th

  1. On Da Porch (Skit)
  2. Rubberband Me
  3. Don’t Call Me No Mo ft/ Three Six Mafia
  4. Talkin’ Smart ft/ Pimp C
  5. Hate My Swag
  6. Powder
  7. Motivated ft/ Will Wesson
  8. Wagon Wheels
  9. Hit It (Skit)
  10. Hit It
  11. Finna Start Robbin
  12. See You Fall
  13. Good Weed
  14. See Me
  15. Bull Frog Yay
  16. Ready For Whateva
  17. Outro

First single is on some ringtone shit but Paul & J usually give Pat their hardest shit so this should be some of that classic HCP sounding shit since he doesnt have to deal with a major anyways. This CD is his first through the new deal with Koch. Another cd without a posse song, which isn't a suprise nomore seeing how they lack a real posse. Whose even still officially with HCP?

Slow Motion Soundz

If you aint hip to these boys yet, you really need to wake up. Featuring the same production team as Paper Route Recordz, The Blockbeataz, the Slow Motion boyz been releasing some of the crispest, slickest music that'll tickle yo' eardrums in a hot minute. Headed by C.P the dream, also a member of production team Block Beataz and main producer of the Slow Motion Soundz brand, the team hit back in 03 with the regional hit "Lacs n Prices" ft T.I that received some BET play on UNCUT. Fans who followed since know the music aint to be fucked up. Check out their Myspaceto get a sample of their shit. The group G-Sides cd Sumthin 2 Hate is their most recent release so be sure to check that out. Group member S.T 2 Lettaz is a serious canidate for Best Rapper Alive, which is a pretty bold statement to make. But real talk, hes that damn good. Fuck Wit Em

Get Enroute With Paper Route Recordz

These guys IZ IT. It's only right the first artist spotlighted in the trap is the Paper Route Recordz clique..Founded by former Co-Ceo of Slow Motion Soundz(another Huntsville,Alabama independent we will spotlighed later)Dawgy Baggz, these dudes have been making crazy noise through the blog world as of late due to their shit being pretty much the best thing out of the south in a LONG ASS TIME! Their production company, The Blockbeataz offer the rawest southern production since DJ Paul & Juicy J in their prime. I highly advise you not to sleep on these boys, they're sickwidit. A mix of their best will be posted soon, but for now enjoy the songs on their Myspace including the two where most of the acclaim is coming from, Woodgrain, which samples the Poltergist theme, along with Soul Glo, which samples the commercial featured in the movie "Coming To America," both which are too raw for words. The chopped & screwed up vocals on Woodgrain is the most creative shit I've heard in a song in a minute. Paper Route got next.

Welcome To Tha Traphouse

Just because Raw music needs an outlet. Niggas who follow the underground pretty much can't stomach todays mainstream view of rap, mainly the southern influx on TV...So my real niggas gone head fuck wit me..All the raw shit you done missed out on will be posted as well as new shit I get...Aint no fancy graphics and what not, just giving ya that straight uncut Raw..Fuck wit us, this for the traps 'n tha trunks my nigga.