Sunday, October 21, 2007

KD™: Alabamas Next Great Thing?

Niggas who follow the underground sceme know Birmingham Alabama BEEN branging the heat. Dirty Boyz wit their Blackklown movement featuring one of the best, Burn One(formerly known as lil burn one),who we will be featuring here in tha trap ina few days once we get that material in, Deuce Komradz, Mr Blue, and of course The Last Mr Biggs...And now we got KD...KD first started makin noise when his song "Polos & Nikes" started appearing on mixtapes from assorted DJs down there.. Then he dropped his mixtape with DJ Burn One, Last Man Standing which in my opinion is one of the best mixtapes to drop in a LONG time. People sleep on these shits just because they've never heard of the artist if they dont follow the underground, but theres not too much material being made nowadays fucking with this shit. His style is more on the laidback steez, with the songs and melodys reminding me of earlier Ball & J work, who also appeared on the mixtape. The production is top knotch and niggas who love that playa shit they can cruise in they chevys and lacs to will LOVE his shit....So gone head and fuck wit KD on his Myspace page and tell em tha Trap sent'cha..And of course KD fucks wit us so we will be havin exclusives and much more from the boy when its made available..."O 100"

KD ft Eightball & MJG-What U Call That(Remix)

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