Thursday, October 18, 2007

All-Star Cashville Prince -And I Love You..

Star is one of the rawest upcoming spitters in the game right now. The whole grind hard movement is one you shouldn't be out of the loop on. Fate Eastwood is a problem on them beats. This is a new flow Star did over Rich Boys song of the same title with Star addressing a situation he had with a former beau. Nigga got on some real intense shit, but you gotta keep it 100 and thats what he did. From the new Yo Gotti and All-Star mixtape, "Tenakeyan" thats due to drop soon. Starlito's Way 2: Rise To Power, the sequal to his jammin ass mixtape Starlitos Way 1 is due on December 15th. Birdman, please dont keep this nigga on the shelf for years. Hes legit.

All-Star Cashville Prince-And I Love You...What!

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