Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Slow Motion Soundz

If you aint hip to these boys yet, you really need to wake up. Featuring the same production team as Paper Route Recordz, The Blockbeataz, the Slow Motion boyz been releasing some of the crispest, slickest music that'll tickle yo' eardrums in a hot minute. Headed by C.P the dream, also a member of production team Block Beataz and main producer of the Slow Motion Soundz brand, the team hit back in 03 with the regional hit "Lacs n Prices" ft T.I that received some BET play on UNCUT. Fans who followed since know the music aint to be fucked up. Check out their Myspaceto get a sample of their shit. The group G-Sides cd Sumthin 2 Hate is their most recent release so be sure to check that out. Group member S.T 2 Lettaz is a serious canidate for Best Rapper Alive, which is a pretty bold statement to make. But real talk, hes that damn good. Fuck Wit Em

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