Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome Back To Tha Trap!

It took a little longer than expected but the doors to the fuckin trap have been re-opened. Shout out to those who hit me up asking me when its coming back, making me motivated to really go at this shit hard knowing aint too many outher outlets out there providing the general public with that shit they need in they lives. Shout out to the ones who dont give that underground shit a chance cause we bout to smash all yall niggas lives. Shout out to them other sites that aint wanna fuck with a real nigga because said real nigga took a different approach to this bloggin shit....It'll be changes being made here and there for the next couple of days beggining with a domain name change and a better layout, but we here....All artists tryna get heard, if yo music matches what this site is brangin to the table, holla at yo boy man.....Shout out to Murder Dog magazine as well for fuckin with yo boy....To the niggas who new, welcome....This is that Traps n' Tha trunks shit..STRICTLY 4 DA MUTHAFUCKIN TRAP!!!

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